We offer 16 shooting lanes up to 20 yards

Archery Pro Shop.

We have the best compound bows, traditional and recurve bows.

Professional Bow Service.

Trust the certified professionals to work on your bow.

20-yard indoor range.

Upgraded Lighting with TV Screen Camera System. Bear Creek Archery is the trusted choice for hunters and sportsman alike. We offer the best range environment with advanced lighting + camera system to see your target and arrows up close. We also have certified bow techs & instructors on-site, a full pro shop, personal training, group classes, D.A.R.T. game system and more!



Take classes at our range.

We offer a multitude of fun and motivating classes that allow you to work out alone or with friends. Our trainers are highly educated and will make sure you learn proper form.

Big Screen

Target Cameras


All Day

3 Ranges

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Bowtech Deadlock Cams

New Bowtech Bows

The NEW 2020 Bowtech Archery Bows are HERE NOW IN STOCK - Visit our #DenverArchery Pro Shop Bowtech really stepped it up this year – with new features and innovations, don't pass them up when demoing the latest and greatest on the market.…
2019 Mathews TX-5 Girl Hunter Hot

2019 Mathews Bows Release Collection

The NEW 2019 Mathews Archery Bows are HERE NOW IN STOCK - Visit our #DenverArchery Pro Shop Mathews will always be a crowd pleaser – they are consistently a "top 3" on everyone's list we tend to find, and this year is nothing short of…

2019 Prime Bows Release Collection

The NEW 2019 Prime Archery Bows are HERE NOW IN STOCK - Visit our #DenverArchery Pro Shop G5 Prime Archery this year gifts us with the Logic CT Series - with the CT 3 in 33", the CT 5 in 35" and the CT 9 in 39"  SKIP TO THE GALLERY. Here's…