Bow Spider Bow Holder

Introducing the Bow Spider Bow Holder

Carry Your Bow With This Innovative Archery Sling Holster

Bow Spider Bow Holder

If you’re looking for the best way to carry your bow, you have got to check out the Bow Spider.


Bow Spider – Bow Holder, Bow Hanger, and Bow Carrier all in one.

The best part of the Bow Spider is how versatile this system is. You can hang your bow a variety of ways, in a variety of places – expand the Bow Spider system as much as you want, or just stick with the base kit. It does it all!

Bow Spider Bow Holder

Hang your bow from your hip

The Bow Spider Receiver or “Puck” makes this super easy

Hang your bow from your pack

Where the system gets cool is you can buy multiple Receivers and attach them anywhere

Hang your bow in your home

With the Bow Spider, it’s the best option we’ve found for mounting anywhere!

Bow Spider Bow Holder

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