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Shot IQ Clinic

Overcome Target Panic with Joel Turner – Shot IQ

Whether you’re a hunter or target shooter – you know you can always be better. You want to gain higher precision and unwavering confidence. But do you know what it takes to do that?

World Champion bow shooters and hunters from your favorite TV shows have learned from a coach named Joel Turner – former SWAT sniper, Precision Sniper Instructor, and more. The reason why is simple.

Everyone is born with a problem that can make it harder to aim well, especially when we feel a lot of pressure. Like when a big deer appears or lots of people are watching us.

This problem is called “Target Panic,” sometimes known as “Buck Fever.”

It’s a brain issue that many people who shoot bows and arrows have. It can make us unable to aim correctly or make us release the arrow too soon. People used to think that Target Panic happened because we were too worried or scared of messing up. Now, we know it’s about how our brains learn to do things.

The best bow shooters in the world have used this tried and true process, based on science, to get past this problem. This lets them shoot arrows perfectly, no matter how stressed they are…


And the great thing is… just like learning to ride a bike or do math, you can learn this plan, too! This can help you feel brave when it’s your turn to shoot. Then, you’ll do well every time…

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