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The NEW 2022 Mathews V3X Bow

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The V3X paired with our purpose-built accessory line is the most advanced hunting system to-date.

Equipped with new Bridge-Lock™ Sight Technology to enhance balance, patent-pending Stay Afield System (S.A.S™) to keep hunters in the field, and built compatible with a completely redesigned line of LowPro™ Quivers, the V3X system elevates the performance of Mathews’ most popular hunting bow to date.

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Mathews 2022 V3X Photos and Info –

Mathews V3X Archery Hunting

Mathews 2022 “Introducing the 2022 V3X // 30 Years of Archery Innovation” Video –

Mathews V3X 29 Granite Mathews V3X 33 Granite

2022 Mathews V3X Release Specs –

Mathews V3X Archery Specs



IBO RATING: up to 340 FPS
LET-OFF: 80 or 85%
DRAW WEIGHTS: 60, 65, 70, 75 lbs
DRAW LENGTHS: 25.5 – 30″



LET-OFF: 80 or 85%
DRAW WEIGHTS: 60, 65, 70, 75 lbs
DRAW LENGTHS: 27 – 31.5”

Mathews V3X Archery

2022 Mathews V3X Review –

Mathews V3X Make It Yours Custom

What are the Mathews V3X color finishes?

We have a ton of V3X colors IN STOCK or arriving soon (please call ahead as we are receiving bows daily, and selling out just as fast)! Custom order and custom build your Mathews V3X at Bear Creek Archery, come by our store in Denver! We are doing our best to keep demos available and every color on the shelf – but if you want the high end camos, custom string color builds with a lot of options, please be patient with us and get your order in soon as those will have the longest backorder for Mathews to build.

Mathews V3X Order Black
Mathews V3X Orader Granite Mathews V3X Order Green Ambush

Mathews V3X Order First Lite Specter

Mathews V3X Order Optifade Elevated II Mathews V3X Order Realtree Edge Camo Mathews V3X Order Sitka Optifade Subalpine Mathews V3X Order Under Armour All Season

What is New on the Mathews Archery V3X Compound bow?

This year, Mathews Inc took their base flagship platform – that for the last 5 or so years, has been the absolute pinnacle of the archery industry – And they added fresh new features to help make a more compact, light weight, performance package. This bow features the new “purpose built” accessories – mount the sight directly to the riser in a better orientation, get a tighter fit with their low profile quiver, and have the most compact ‘built’ hunting bow in 2022 with the Mathews Inc V3X. You’ll also notice the sizes being offered, with a 29″ promising very fast arrow speeds, a very compact package but long enough to give some relief for jumpiness – and a 33″ which will be your super smooth, super forgiving western hunter’s dream. This bow features nearly everything we’ve ever wanted from Mathews!

Mathews V3X Preorder Bow
Mathews V3X Preorder Riser Mathews V3X 2021 Hunting Bow Preorder Mathews V3X Bow Hunter Mathews V3X Bow Quiver

2022 Mathews V3X New Features –

Mathews V3X Bow Sight


New Bridge-Lock™ Sight Technology allows a dovetail sight to be mounted through the bow’s riser, eliminating the need for an external mounting bracket, for a streamlined profile, improved balance and reduced felt vibration. (This really is the new feature that will keep this bow relevant for years to come)


The LowPro™ Fixed and LowPro Detachable Quivers are engineered around the geometry of the V3X. Our tightest fitting to-date, these quivers are designed to bring a whole new level of in-line balance and precision to your hunting setup.


The Stay Afield System (S.A.S.™) is the ultimate emergency bow kit to keep you in the hunt. Our specially modified cams allow the use of bow-specific cables to safely remove and service your strings and cables in the field without the use of a bow press.

Mathews V3X Limbs Bow Mathews V3X Bow ArcheryMathews V3X Bow Denver Archery

Should You Upgrade to the Mathews V3X?

This is THE next platform for Mathews Inc. Last year, the 2021 release of the V3, and continuation of the VXR from 2020 kept the Mathews line at it’s peak. The VXR, some would argue, is the best bow since the Halon 32 – featuring new integrations like the Engage grips they had with their target line. They released the newest SAS system, and upgraded the cams that allow mods to give 5lb draw weight adjustments, and more – If you loved previous Mathews bows, the VXR was basically a Halon on steroids (with all their new features) – nobody that bought a VXR was disappointed, and for many this IS the upgrade you were waiting for. The V3 last year of course built on this platform further that Mathews Archery has been refining for years, and it was great, but the last few years we were left with two premier bows at around 28 and 31 brace heights – and last year we saw some hunters going to the TRX 34 (a target bow primarily) for their next hunting bow for the more forgiving and easier, consistent accuracy of a longer brace height.

In fact, Mathews took note of our bow sales at Bear Creek Archery, and what hunters were looking for in the next generation, where we had a lot of our Pro Shop Hunters & Shooters going to the TRX 34. Clearly, we all would have liked to see a longer performance hunting bow. Did Mathews Inc make the V3X in a 33″ because of us? Well, we aren’t saying they DIDN’T – but they really DO listen to feedback from the community and it was something our pro shop highly recommended, we love to work with the manufacturers (and often do with the brands we carry – we are often the top Western sales store for the top bow brands and talk shop with all the reps!).

Let’s recap: This year we have *the* new way to mount your sight. This will be a feature built into all the future Mathews Bows most likely. We have the 5lb increment’s for draw weight, the new grips and riser (that is super comfortable and with the draw cycle, really relieves release panic), the latest crosscentric cam and S.A.S. system. If you were waiting for your next hunting bow, this is the most *future proof* version you can buy in Mathews release cycle – where your sight, ultra-tight low profile quiver, grips, and draw/release cycle – it all will meld so well into the best system money can buy; today, and most likely the next few years as well. It’s entirely possible next year Mathews innovates even further, as they always do, but the V3X is a major release worth noting and may be the big release with a smaller bump up next year. Is it worth upgrading if you have a VXR? That depends on your priorities – less parts and better mounting options to setup your complete package mean a quieter, more compact, rigid lighter bow. K.I.S.S.

We have a steady expectation that this bow will have a very large backorder list through 2022, so if you’re looking to buy please come in ASAP and place your order – we may see backorders as far as 4-6 months if demand increases for this flagship (and you want the best custom-build options).

Come by today, Ambush Green and Granite are likely to be the fastest and easiest to get in stock – we may have a couple in stock TODAY – Give us a call, we almost always have Demo’s in stock but everything is selling out FAST.

This is the bow to buy to be future proof for the next few years with Mathews Archery V3X

Mathews V3X Bow Hunter

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